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Executive Waistcoat Vest

Made in the USA
  • “Designer” waistcoat suitable for executives, politicians, couriers, and detectives. Put on a suit jacket and your protection is very well concealed. If your jacket is off, a seam would be visible on the side.

  • Provides protection for the front, back, and sides, with a well-dressed look.

  • Removable ballistic panels allow for easy cleaning of the outer carrier.

  • Custom-made of stylish fabrics in neutral tones. Side Velcro attachment allows up to 3" (8 cm.) of adjustability
  • Colors: Black • Blue Tan

Made-to-order, and shipped in 3 to 6 weeks.

Ballistic Protection Level

Premium Aramid

Colors Available:

Navy Blue Navy Blue

$ 630

XL + 10%
$ 750

XL + 10%

7.5 mm Thickness


Colors Available:

Navy Blue Navy Blue


$ 890

XL + 10%

6.4 mm Thickness



The Belly measurement is most critical to get a full wrap on the sides as there is limited adjustability (less than 2")

Measure the belly circumference, OVER your shirt, ABOVE the belly button.

Belly Measurement (for a Full-Wrap on the Sides)
of Ballistic Panel
Front Centerline
Small (S)
Up to 37" (94 cm.)
Reg. or Long
Medium (M)
Up to 39" (99 cm.)
Reg. or Long
Large (L)
Up to 41" (104 cm.)
Reg. or Long
Extra-Large (XL) +10%
Up to 43" (109 cm.)
Reg. or Long
XXL +20%
Up to 45" (114 cm.)
Reg. or Long

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