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Note: We have visited every site we link to, and comment to give you some idea of what we found useful at the site. But we have no control over any other websites' content, and in no way can we screen, monitor or endorse any particular site, or assume any legal liability for such.

We welcome good, reciprocal links!

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Citizens' Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms - the common sense gun lobby

GeeksWithGuns.com - "This ain't your fathers 2nd Amendment website." - lots of fun at this site!

Gun Owners of America - please support the only “no-compromise” gun lobby in Washington, D.C.

GunsSaveLives - dedicated to the most basic Human Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Facts that show that Guns Save Lives.

Gun, Hunting, Conservation & Gun Rights - Encyclopedia of links!

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - excellent history of gun control and resulting genocides

Keep and Bear Arms - Gun Control vs. Rights and Freedoms - dedicated to the Second Amendment - excellent email newsletter

National Rifle Association - Institute for Legislative Action - excellent reference on firearms laws

Second Amendment Foundation - dedicated to our Constitutional heritage to privately own firearms.

Self Defense - A Human Right - a superb site on the self defense mindset

Women's Firearms Network - Providing Firearms Information to Women World Wide

Concealed Carry - information for your state:

ColoradoIllinoisKentucky South CarolinaTennessee TexasTexas Concealed Handgun Instructor Association

USA Carry - a superb - interactive - Concealed Carry Reciprocity map and more...

These states are working on it...
Concealed Carry, Inc. is dedicated to passing Concealed Carry in the 19 states without it.
Gun Owners of CaliforniaMinnesota


Centurion Risk Assessment Services Ltd. - security training for journalists, aid workers, business-people and others exposed to high-threat environments. One of our journalist clients highly recommended their Hostile Environments Course - and the ex-Royal Marines instructors - to us.

International News Safety Institute - a global organisation to help make conflict reporting safer, security advisories, news, and safety articles

Journalists at Risk - an online community of media professionals with experience of work in hostile environments, including war zones.


ArmyNavy.com - Dog Tags - Real military dog tags for emergency ID, pet rescue, parties, hunting, fishing, hiking, travel, groups, weddings, fundraisers. Cool Dog Tag Previewer and volume discounts.

Army Surplus Stores - camping equipment and accessories, outdoor clothing, military kit and accessories in Edinburgh, U.K.

David Hackworth - one of America's most decorated soldiers, the late Colonel is a noted author, commentator and one of the few voices that sticks up for the grunts.

Defense Review - excellent compendium of defense, military, Tactical and equipment news and reporting

Flying Tigers Surplus - a great source for thousands of Military Surplus - Army Navy Surplus goods

Military.com - news, discussion, buddy locator and more

Military Reading List.com - Comprehensive! If it's been written by, for, or about the military, you will probably find it here!

RDD USA Army Surplus  -a nationwide military surplus supplier: military clothing, gear, boots, tents and other field gear

Soldier of Fortune - global news and reports magazine - pro-military, pro-strong U.S. defense, pro-police, and pro-veteran

Special Forces Search Engine - if you are looking for anything to do with Special Forces, the link is probably here...


Blueline Tees - Largest Law Enforcement T-Shirt Site on the Web

Body Armor News.com - daily updates on news in the Body Armor industry

Bulletproof Vests Partnership Program - law enforcement agencies may apply for 50% federal funding of vest purchases – including the new stab-resistant models.

Criminal Justice Online - Open Source Information for Law Enforcement on trends, tactics and terrorism

CopsOnline.com - police videos, calls, chat, downloads, books, FREE website, and more...

DogAge.com - dog health care information, including info on canine diseases and health problems.

Focused Interviewing for Law Enforcement – techniques to get more confessions, more information and calming angry people down. Free newsletter.

LAPD Authors - in one place the collective works of LAPD authors

Law and Order Magazine - plus many other resources

Law Enforcement - Buyer's Guide and LEA links

Law Enforcement Technology magazine


National Institute of Justice - the 'NIJ' who set the ballistic testing standards

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center - excellent source of basic research on ballistic protection

Officer.com - excellent directory of LE links, news, chat, law and more...

Pennies to Protect Police Dogs - a charity which spends over 97% of all donations on bullet proof vests for Police Dogs.

Special Ops Bunker - mobile armored ballistic shields and bunkers with Level 4 Rifle protection. Ideal for SWAT, law enforcement, military ops teams, hostage negotiators, first responders, and industrial security.

The Journal - a magazine for police chiefs and command staff focusing on policy, personnel, liablity, technology and other contemporary police issues

USA Cops - "the nation's law enforcement site" - including a superb national database of law enforcement departments


Armed Robbery Training - "can help minimize business and employee risk - essential in minimizing potential loss, and liability when a robbery occurs."

Armour Group, Inc. - state of the art military and civilian vehicle armoring. Home of the exclusive ONEWAY® Glass / RhinoGLASS™ allowing outbond return fire through armored glass!

Blackstone Group - a high level executive protection and security services firm based in West Lake, Texas. Consulting, training and investigation as well as personal protection.

Centurion Risk Assessment Services Ltd. - security training for journalists, aid workers, business-people and others exposed to high-threat environments. One of our journalist clients highly recommended their Hostile Environments Course - and the ex-Royal Marines instructors - to us.

Dangerous Places - a book and website chock full of real world, nitty gritty information on how to "come back alive".

Gryphon Security Group LLC - high end professional security services

IDS Emergency Management - a wealth of informatin for Homeland Security, Communications, Contingency Planning, Counter Terrorism, Crisis Management, Disaster Prevention, Emergency Vehicles, Firefighting Emergency, Risk Management, Insurance, Homeland Security, etc., etc.

Instant Criminal Checks - provides an alternative to more expensive, lengthy and manual courthouse searches that have served as the sole means for checking someone's criminal record for so many years.

International Foundation for Protection Officers - a professional association since 1988, offering the Certified Protection Officer (CPO) program, and the Certified Security Supervisor (CSS) program.

Jewelers' Security Alliance - A Non-Profit, Crime Prevention Association, since 1883

Loss Prevention and Security Association - a non-profit, international networking community of retail loss prevention and physical security professionals.

Maritime Security - information to assist mariners in planning for potential security problems

Myler Enterprises - executive protection from the basics to very high-tech

Security Link.org - over 22,000 links!

tecSPIDER - a network of Security and Investigative Professionals. Network, search jobs, post a resume with a Free Membership"

The Secure Home - detailed website and books on hardening your ‘castle’

Special Resources Group - country by country situation reports

Secure Limousine Services, Inc. - Armored Limo / Sedan service for the Metro D.C. Region (incl. VA, MD) plus links to...

Vigilance and Security.... Help secure your home or business with professional CCTV surveillance systems: baby monitors, Nanny Cams, security DVRs, hidden cameras, multi-room monitoring systems, IR cameras.

World Wide Threat / Warning Notices and government Travel Advisories


Captain Dave's Survival Center - survival info with a sense of humor

The "Good" News About Nuclear Destruction - enlightening information on the effectiveness of civil defense to counter nuclear threats

ki4u.com - the best site on the net for information and very reasonable prices of KI anti-radiation tablets and calibrated radiation detectors.

Nitro-Pak - big and diverse catalog of preparedness food and equipment

NukAlert - convenient and cost effective radiation detector you can keep on your keychain

Sharelynx - "monster collation of links to Alternative Self-Sufficiency Survival Information sites"

Survival Blog - the daily web log for prepared individuals living in uncertain times

WildSurvival - a Wilderness Survival information resource, News, Articles, Facts, FAQ's, Forums, Links, and more...


Action Stun Guns & Batons - high power stun guns, mini stun guns and stun batons.

American Reloader - specialists in reloading

Active Body Holster Co. - offers a neoprene SPORT HOLSTER¨ that cradles your firearm snugly in the small of the back, and is easily concealed under casual clothes or sportswear

Ammunition Store - great deals on a wide range of Ammo plus Reloading Supplies, Magazines & Machinegun Accessories

Basic Shield - Personal Defense Products: stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, and home protection products for self defense

BH Safety - Personal safety products, pepper spray, stun guns, taser guns, child safety, home security and more

Briefcase HQ - if you need a specialized briefcase, this is the comprehensive place to start.

Brigade Quartermasters - one-stop resource for state of the art products: Outdoors, Search & Rescue, Hunting, Camping, Disaster Preparedness, Military & Tactical Operations

Buy Pepper Spray Today - specializes in all sorts of pepper spray, such as pepper spray keychains and bear pepper spray.

CCW Supply - one-stop web store for practical, useable, and discreet concealed carry gear.

Combined Safety - a wide variety of self defense, spy and surveillance equipment

Deadeye Scope Leveller - if your scope is canted, you can forget accuracy. Do it right with the Scope Leveller

D&D Security Products - Self Defense Products at the Lowest Possible Prices

Defense Devices.com - Police-tested Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, and more at great prices

DefenseMaster-Knives.com - Name brand knives and swords at wholesale prices.

Delta Force - all kinds of shooting equipment

Delta Press - gun books galore

GunHoo - Firearms links: alphabetized, categorized, regionalized and searchable.

Guns N Stuff - all kinds of firearms Accessories

Internet Shooting Directory and Gun Chat - A wealth of info for the firearms enthusiast.   Home of Gun Chat .

Knife Outlet - huge selection of knives and cutlery

Mace Pepper Spray, Stun Guns and Self Defense Products - high quality self defense products from HomeSafetyOnline.

Metro Tactical Products a leader in "Specialized Equipment for Law Enforcement"

Panther Stun Guns - street tough stun guns

PEPPER SPRAY Inc. - Personal protection devices such as Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Air Tasers, Home Protection, Child Safety, Hidden Cameras, Diversion Safes, Personal Alarms and more...

Protection Shoppe - Pepper Spray Defense and Stun Guns - Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Mace, Hidden Cameras, Taser Gun, Hidden Safes, etc., etc.

Pyramyd Air - air guns, air rifles and accessories

Personal Arms - great prices on security and anti-crime products

Protect Me First.Com - a good selection of personal and home defence and security products

The Quonset Hut Military Surplus - a great selection of military, Tactical, camping and survival products in Austin, Texas

Safety Gear HQ - Personal Safety & Self Defense Gear

Security Saint.com - Security / Self Defense Products, Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Tasers. Hidden Cameras, Spy Cams. Safety tips/info. & crime stats.

Self Defense and Personal Protection Products - stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, personal alarms and more

Self-Defense Store - Huge selection of stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, hidden cameras, and self defense products for your personal protection at low Prices.

Self Defense Weapons - the latest in home safety equipment, self defense products, stun guns, tasers, diversion safes, personal alarms and more...

Shooting - Hunting Online Source - a database of over 12,000 listings for the Shooting and Hunting, e.g., most of the shooting ranges in the USA, an extensive list of gunsmiths, et

Safety Defense - a great website for Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and other Self-Defense Products.

Small Arms Review Magazine

Sniper Tools - Angle Cosine Indicator for serious long distance shooter

Spy Gear Co - Hidden Spy and Surveillance Cameras -Innovative and reliable Spy and Surveillance products: Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cams, Spy and Surveillance Equipment.

Stun Guns - BestStunGun.com – Low prices stun guns and air tasers for personal protection: Stun Master, Talon and Z-Force. A unique product rating system is provided to help customers to decide which stun gun is the best for them.

Tactical Accessories for Self-Defense and Law Enforcement - "your main source for hard-core, NO-BS gear"

XS Sights - the absolute best combat sights for super fast sight acquisition in light, dark and low light.

U Back Off - wide selection of Pepper Spray products

Tactical Gear News - the latest tactical gear news covering weapons, training, clothing and tactical equipment

TBO-TECH Self Defense Products - Self Defense and Personal Protection items including Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Tasers, Martial Arts Weapons, Personal Alarms, Wireless Home Alarms, Knives, Hidden Cameras, and other safety items not readily available in stores!

U.S. Grunt Gear - Hand crafted custom Tactical Nylon gear For Military, Police, and Civilian Use

Wholesalers-Direct - self defense forum: non-lethal weapons, batons, pepper defense spray, taser equipment & stun gun & combat knife techniques.

Winchester Ammunition - "What America Shoots" - great data on ammo and ballistics


AR15.com - web-based discussion lists and superb FAQs on the AR-15 and other firerams

ArmsVault - over 2,000 firearms related links!

Annual Machine Gun Shoot - Open to the public. Full Auto Rentals, Exploding Targets, Belt-Fed, Sub Guns, Semi's and Pistols, all welcome

Boston's Gun Bible - 700 pages crammed with practical information – a ‘gun nuts’ delight

Close Focus Research - Independent Ballistic Testing and Design Services

Centurion Risk Assessment Services Ltd. - security training for journalists, aid workers, business-people and others exposed to high-threat environments. One of our journalist clients highly recommended their Hostile Environments Course - and the ex-Royal Marines instructors - to us.

Defense Review - a "no spin zone" for self-defense and the latest news relating to guns, gun laws, and personal defense

Duncan Long's Firearms Articles and Gun Lore - you will find something of interest at this eclectic page!

Get Off the X - great forum for advice and discussion on tactics, etc., etc.

Hunter's Shooting Association - Advanced Field Marksmanship for Hunters

International Defensive Pistol Asociation - matches where the main goal is to test the skill of the individual, with practical equipment.

The Firing Line - The finest Firearms Discussion Site on the web. Moderated by professional Trainers and Operators.

North American Special Operations Group - an "Intelligence Resource Network" covering a wide range of military, security and police topics

Paladin Press - a wide selection of hard-to-find books on tactics and many other subjects (some controversial).

Firearms Tactical Institute - "Delivering you informative multimedia essays about the 'battlefield problem-solving' tactical aspects of armed self-defense."

Where To Shoot - where you can locate places to shoot and hunt.


We sell technology, but never forget that training is the most important factor. Schools are listed alphabetically by state. Some are firearms oriented, some unarmed, some are small and local, some are internationally recognized – we list them all, because the best training might just be the training accessible enough to actually happen. Know of a good school? Please let us know!

National Rifle Association - the largest firearms rights and training organization in the US

Arizona Defensive Firearms Training - Concealed Carry Weapons Permit Classes, and High Quality Defensive Handgun Tactical Training - Phoenix, Arizona

Gunsite Academy - Paulden, Arizona

National Institute of Bail Enforcement - "The Harvard of Bounty Hunters" training and resources

Maricopa Tactical - Maricopa, Arizona Tactical Gun - Weapons Training and Services - Phoenix, Arizona

Max Velocity Tactical - tactical training and instruction to those seeking to be better prepared and able to defend themselves and their families. For individuals, and organizations, operating in high threat environments, such as security contractors and close protection operators. Training center in Romney, West Virginia.

American Small Arms Academy - Chuck Taylor with state-of-the-art weapons and tactics training, Prescott, AZ

SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL TRAINING - Gabe Suarez training & consulting, Simi Valley, CA

Self Defense Firearms Training - Huntington Beach, CA

Advanced Weapons & Tactics - San Francisco Bay area, California

Options for Personal Security - Sebring, Florida

Enterprising Securities - Specialized Security Services and Educational Programs, Tucker, GA

Frontsight - Bakersfield, California & Las Vegas, Nevada

Tactical Firearms - Tactical Firearms Training Institute - Ventura, California

Tiger Valley - a premier facility for long range shooting especially, and a comprehensive training program

American Firearms School - North Attleboro, MA

Lethal Force Institute - Concord, New Hampshire

Modern Warrior - Lindenhurst, N.Y.

Lethal Weapons Training Academy - McKean, Pennsylvania

Range Master - Memphis, Tennessee

Shepherd School - " In a world of wolves, don't be a sheep." , Nashville, TN

Tactical Response - "the Mindset, tactics and skills to prevail in a violent confrontation."

Texas Concealed Handgun of San Antonio - San Antonio's premiere CHL course (personally endorsed by some of our staff, after attendance)

Texas Defensive Shooting Academy - if you want to learn how to shoot fast and straight, there is no better place than TDSA. (The head instructor is an IDPA World Champion and former police officer). One of the best kept secrets in Texas.

Texas Pistol Academy - Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas

Texas Tactical - IDPA Firearms Competition and Training in San Antonio/Austin Texas

Thunder Ranch - Oregon

Venture Team Shooting Sports - NRA and Texas CHL training in Texas

Special Tactical Services - "Will it work? Is it necessary? Can I duplicate it under stress? ™ - Virginia Beach, Virginia




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