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Rifle Plate Sizing

Ballistics 100% Made in the USA
Note:  Export of Level IV Rifle Plates from the U.S. usually requires an export permit
(Level III plates can often be exported without an export permit.)

Ceramic Rifle Plates are Not Returnable

The standard size Rifle Plate is 10" by 12" (25 by 30 cm.) But the fit of armor is absolutely critical to get the most coverage that is comfortable and ergonomic for your needs.

So we offer the following sizes in many of our Rifle Plate options:

8" by 10" (20 X 30 cm) Many females and smaller frames
Small SAPI - 8.75" by 11.75"
(22 X 30 cm)
Smaller Frames that have an average height or taller

10" by 12"
(25 X 30 cm)

(actual size often slightly under 10" by 12")

Most males
Medium SAPI - 9.5 by 12.5" (24 X 32 cm) Most males, especially longer torsos.
Large SAPI - 10.25 by 13.25" (26 X 34) Larger males (or more coverage on the back)
XL SAPI - 11" by 14" The "Big boys!"

You can best determine your optimal plate size with a tape measure looking in a mirror - put the width and height of the plate on your chest to check for good coverage. If you have the time, you could even cut the size out in cardboard.

More coverage is more protection, but also more weight...

Don't get too big a plate...

1. Be sure the plate is not too wide so as to disturb your buttstock weld with a rifle.

2. Can you hold your pistol in your isoceles or Weaver stance without the plate interfering?

3. Ensure that when you sit down, or bend over, the bottom of the plate will not hit your duty belt and get pushed up into your throat.

If your Rifle Plates Carrier or Pockets will accomodate, sometimes it is a good idea to go one size bigger on the back for more coverage that won't interfere with you holding a weapon. (Plus it can counterbalance all the extra gear weighing down the front of the vest...)

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