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Shooter's Cut Rifle Plate

AR680 Steel Rifle Plates
Lightweight Level III PLUS

Made in the USA

Note:  Level III Steel Plates can often be exported without an export permit.
(Export of Level IV Rifle Plates from the U.S. usually requires an export permit

Our AR680 makes other Steel plates obsolete!

7.2 lb. with Thick LineX Coating (6.2 lb. of Steel)

AR680 Level III  + Steel Rifle Plate - Front
Note: Current Shooters Cut slightly deeper

Level III PLUS Lightweight Steel

AR-680 hardness Steel (harder than AR500) and our proprietary processes bring this plate down to only ~ 7.2 lbs. - while still stopping the .223 / 5.56 mm threats that most Steel Level III plates are not rated to stop at muzzle velocity.

  • Only 7.2 lb. ( 3.3 kg. ) for a full-size Shooters Cut WITH LineX Buildup to lessen the spall hazard.

  • Thickness ~ 0.5" / 11.5 mm with LineX Buildup

  • These are actual plate specifications from plates in stock, not estimated weights.

Only $ 145 per plate!

Independent Lab Tested to Stop, Stand-Alone, Multiple Hits of:


Approx. Feet per Second
Typical Weapon
.308 FMJ
7.62 x 51-mm
2,750 fps 149-grain M80 Battle Rifle
7.62 x 54 R 2,850 fps LPS
(Light Penetrating Steel)
7.62 x 39-mm 2,400 fps PS Ball
7.62 x 39-mm 2,400 fps FMJLC Steel Jacket
5.56 x 45 mm
3,030 fps M855 aka .223 Green Tip aka SS-109 M-16 / AR-15
5.56 x 45 mm

3,175 fps + or - 30 fps

The 5.56 velocity for mil spec MIL-C-9963F with a full-length barrel AR-15 / M-16 at 78' distance.

M193 Ball aka FMJ M-16 / AR-15

    • This level of performance with Steel is only possible with our extremely high hardness steel, and our proprietary processes that allow this hardness of steel to be bent to conform to the body.

    • Plate manufactured by Armour Wear LLC. Ballistics verified with independent ballistic lab testing under strictly controlled conditions, NIJ 0101.05 (not an un-controlled "YouTube shoot")

10" X 12"

Level III +

We only offer the Line-X Build-up option due to the spall hazard of any Steel plate

7.2 lb. / 3.3 kg.
with LineX Build-Up

$ 160
per plate

10.25" X 13.25"

Large SAPI size, and more of an ergonomic Swimmers style Cut than the standard cut.

~ 8.5 lb. / 3.9 kg.
with LineX Build-Up

$ 175
per plate

8" X 10"
~ 5 lb. / 2.3 kg.
with LineX Build-Up
$ 145
per plate

6" X 8"

~ 3 lb. / 1.4 kg.
with LineX Build-Up

~ 6 lb. / 2.8 kg. per pair

$ 80
per plate

$ 160
per pair

AR680 Level III  + Steel Plate - Side View
Single Curve Plate

NOTE:  We only sell curved steel plates for Body Armor -
flat plates don't conform to the body closely enough, and are really not suitable for Body Armor.
Why We Still Recommend Ceramic Rifle Plates OVER Steel Most of the Time

AR680 Lightweight Steel has exceptional advantages:

  • in the same ballpark as Ceramic Rifle Plates for weight, and
  • less expensive than Ceramic, and
  • superb multi-hit capability, and
  • can take impact abuse that would significantly degrade a Ceramic Rifle Plate

But still we usually recommend Ceramic because:

    1. Ceramic is better protection - stops Level IV armor piercing threats such as the .30 caliber hardened steel core that will penetrate a Level III + plate.

    2. Even Level III PLUS Steel is potentially vulnerable to a worst case hit from the M193 round - a perfect 90 degree hit, at muzzle velocity, out of a long barrel, from a high velocity .223 FMJ round, e.g., 3,300 fps. Practically speaking the chances of getting hit with a perfect 90 degree strike, at muzzle velocity from a long-barrelled weapon are remote, but theoretically possible.

    3. Our Standard Level IV Stand-Alone Ceramic Rifle Plate  is only $140 per plate.

    4. Our Lightweight Ceramics are Triple Curved to hug the body a little more closely than single-curved Steel.

    5. Most importantly, Steel is much more likely to cause bullet splatter, or, more seriously, ricochet, than Ceramic. (Of course, you'd probably rather take a chance on a ricochet hit, than a guaranteed hit to the body!)

You might want to go Steel if...

  • you are on a tight budget

  • you think you (or careless team-mates!) are going to subject the plates to serious abuse

  • you want one plate for the next decade or two without ever replacing

  • you are in a situation where re-supply is problematic if your plate is hit
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