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ProMAX Ballistic Blankets

Ballistic Blanket
4' by 4' Blanket Shown with Standard 4 Strap Configuration
(Larger Sizes have an extra strap at the middle of the long side)

We have many years of experience helping customers with custom needs in cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, safety at industrial plants, etc., etc.  Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Ballistic Blankets to Wrap Pipes
Ballistic Blankets for Wrapping Pipe to Mitigate Explosion Hazards

Ballistic Barrier Blankets

  • Available in ballistic protection Level III-A or Custom, Made-to-Order

  • Produced from multiple layers of Aramid fabric conforming to the protection level required, then sewn into a tough, abrasion-resistant and water-repellent nylon cover.

  • Also available in flame-resistant fabric (extra cost depending on size)

  • Heavy-duty nylon web loop on the corners are standard, plus extra loops on 6 foot or longer sides. We can substitute grommets for web loops if desired (nickel grommet open diameter of 3/8ths inch).

Bomb Blanket
Outershell also available in flame-resistant fabric in Black or Safety YELLOW
(extra cost depending on size)

Note the optional strap placement INSIDE the Ballistic Blanket perimeter

Made-to-order in 6 to 8 weeks

Note: Ballistic Blankets come in a huge variety of colors and sizes,
and thus are Made-to-Order and NOT returnable except for warranty repair.

4' x 4'
~122 X 122 cm
$ 1,435
~ 24 lbs.

~ 11 kg.
4' x 5'
~122 X 152 cm
$ 1,710
~ 30 lbs.

~ 14 kg.
4' x 6'
~122 X 183 cm
$ 1,825
~ 36 lbs.

~ 16 kg.
5' x 6'
~152 X 183 cm
$ 2,795
~ 45 lbs.

~ 20 kg.
6' x 6'
~183 X 183 cm
$ 3,160
~ 54 lbs.

~ 25 kg.
Weight per Square Foot

~1.5 lb. per sq. ft.


4' by 5' = 20 sq. ft. times 1.5 = ~30 lb. total
Custom sizes available upon request

Email for Quote

  • Note: Cutting Ballistic Blankets has an accuracy of roughly plus or minus 0.5" (1.3 cm.)

  • Be sure to round DOWN 0.5" if there is a tight tolerance to fit

Contact us for quantity discounts

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