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Comments from Our Customers
and the Media...

(Why our Satisfaction Guarantee isn't used very often!)

One of the great things about this business is the sincere thanks we get in emails and phone calls, for the service we provided, and a quality product (Even more gratitude when the armor saves someone's life!)  

We get so many thank you letters we can't print them all, but here are is a sampling...


"My name is Keith Lepor and I am one of your customers from Boston, Massachusetts from where I work as a freelance photojournalist. I have actually been working since October 2007 as a Forward Media Team Leader and Photojournalist for ISAF/NATO.

I am writing to let you know that less than three hours ago in the Korengal Valley of Kunar Province, Afghanistan I was shot in the chest (over my heart) and your body armor saved my life. The plate has been damaged and will need to get a new one upon my return to the USA in three weeks.

With all best wishes, Keith Lepor

Keith Lepor on Assignment in Afghanistan
(a lighter moment in the war zone)
Keith Lepor on Assignment in Afghanistan
Copyright 2009 keithlepor.com

Many of the folks we have helped "put the odds in their favor" get back to us after it saves their life, but must remain anonymous because of military or corporate policy.

One of our "saves" was a member of the American military in Iraq. A 7.62 X 39mm AK-47 round penetrated the rear of the vehicle and lodged in the back panel of the Level II ProMAX Concealable GoldFlex vest.

(Note: Level II is NOT rated to stop rifle rounds but can stop rifle rounds slowed down by cover. We recommend Rifle Plates in a war zone.)

A French Marine officer was saved from 3 rounds of 9mm sub-machine-gun peacekeeping on the Serbian/Kosovo/FYROM border:

"...a Briefcase insert used with a velcro tape on its top as "emergency tactical protection"....

"...You can see that three 9mm FMJ were stopped by your brief case insert.... ...the third round was only 3 centimeters from the edge of the briefcase insert."

– One customer who is extremely happy with our perimeter stitching to strengthen the protection near the edges of the ballistic panels!

"BulletproofME worried about getting me armor when other companies didn't want to bother. That's called caring about the people you are helping and believing in what you do."

         – "FerFal" Author of the Surviving in Argentina blog - a strong advocate of Body Armor after living through the Argentine crisis of 2001 onwards

We are mentioned in The Atlantic:

"an Austin, Texas, firm with great customer service"

Robert D. Kaplan, a correspondent for The Atlantic, writes an article about his search for "war-zone correspondent" Body Armor - and his purchase from us here at BulletProofME... 

Full Atlantic article.

ProMAX Concealable Vests

I just received my vest today [a ProMAX Concealable]. Good God!!! Your website does not do this vest ANY justice. I have to tell you that I was a little concerned about how this vest would fit underneath my uniform. I must say that the concealability is OUTSTANDING with both 10 x 12 REPEAT HIT rifle plates installed. I don't even have to re-tailor any of my shirts.

The Goldflex material is absolutely fantastic. I have a bigger coverage area than my issue level 3A vest. The Goldflex is also twice as thin as my regular issue 3A. I like the fact that the Goldflex vest has more rigidity without the sideffect of loss of mobility. I have full range of motion even with all of my duty gear on and the rifle plates installed.

The cherry on top of everything is that this vest can be submerged underwater (or sweat) without the integrity compromise. Take a look at any other vest manufacturer and read the fine print about submersion and their vest. My old vest company (It's one of the main vest manufacturers) says that the vest will not work when wet or even after multiple submersion cycles and is DRY!!!!! The quality of the vest carrier is also FAR superior than any other vest that I have seen. The carrier is strong enough to carry both plates with ease, concealability and comfort.

The only thing that I would seriously change about BulletproofME.com is the low amount of emphasis on this vest. This vest should be the first thing that hits a person in the face when they log into your website. Seriously, I know a lot of officers that would wear this but NOBODY knows about it. I will spread the word where I work (2200 Officers work there) but you guys should really revamp your advertising on this thing. I bet that your sales would skyrocket and a lot more Officers would be safer.

Lastly, I have to say that your customer service was absolutely second to none. I don't say that lightly. I usually hate customer service reps because they don't really care about the customer; they care about their paycheck. Most of the customer reps that I have dealt with in other companies just regurgitate whatever they read from the computer that is sitting in front of them; 99% of those have the personality of rock or the phone tree recordings that we have come to know as a society.

Andrew, you were great from start to finish. You took a ton of time to answer all of my questions, insure the fit of my vest and even provide me with alternative options. After I hung up the phone with you, three days went by and now I have my vest. Great job Andrew.

         – Christian Bowman, Police Officer assigned to patrol, CA

...I'm sure that you've heard this from other customers, but you don't realize how important it is, or how possible it is, to get an actual custom fit of body armor, until you have one made by your company that is committed to customer satisfaction!

The ultimate realization of how concealable your vest is came when, after the final adjustments were made and taking the vest off for the evening, my fiancé had to "pat me down" as she couldn't visually determine if I was wearing it under my sweatshirt!

I made the decision to wear body armor when I was working as a field service technician. Most times, the terminals that I was working on was in close proximity to the establishment's cash register. One day, there was a robbery-in-progress directly across the street at a delicatessen from where I was working. Shots were fired and the suspects fled the scene. What if...

As a private citizen who enrolled in one of the best lethal force training institutes in the country, I am so grateful that your company offers this level of service to private, law-abiding citizens like myself. Nick, thanks again for your invaluable expertise.

Best regards,   Tom

I'm writing to express my absolute total satisfaction with my order from your company.

I recently was hired to work a armored transport job and decided that I ought to get my own vest. My company will supply a vest, but it would have been an off the shelf vest that wouldn't have given the absolute best possible coverage.

Did I forget to mention that I'm built like a gorilla and oddly shaped? After many many hours of researching and contacting many companies you all hands down were my choice. I contacted your company via phone with many many questions and Tim was more than patient and courteous every time I called (sometimes 3 or 4 times in one day). He offered me my options and gave me honest, non-pushy advice about what would best suit my needs. After getting all my questions answered and my measurements submitted, I decided to order a ProMax Concealable GoldFlex Level IIIA vest. I also ordered a second concealable carrier and a nylon carrier equipped to hold rifle plates at a later time. All of my items had to be custom made biggie size. All throughout the actual ordering process Tim was phenomenal, even after I decided to add the second carrier after the initial order.

I was only very slightly concerned about the end price of it all. I received my order this evening and have to say that any concern I had is completely gone. It is extremely apparent that your product it far superior in quality and craftsmanship than anything I've seen.

I am extremely satisfied with not only your product, but the absolute outstanding level of customer service your company provided. It's extraordinarily hard to find that level of customer service in any business today, but your company is far and beyond anything else out there. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend your company and your product to anyone that asks. Please commend Tim on my behalf.

Thank you for making the whole experience as easy to understand and as painless as possible.

         – Art from Chicago

"It fits about as good as I expected. The trauma pack is a nice added bonus as well.

Then I had to give it the concealment test...  After I put it on, with very little adjustment at all, I walked back out in to the office. Made some small talk with our office manager, my secretary, my old man's secretary, as well as my Dad, and not a single one could tell, it passed that test with flying colors!  I even egged a couple people on saying "yeah, I've finally started going back to the gym (never stopped) does it show?"...

...everyone in my office thought it was incredible that something like the GoldFlex vest was so concealable, especially on my smaller frame. So, thank you for a great product and providing me with what I was looking for. I have two classes this weekend and am looking forward to seeing how it wears for longer periods of time, on the range, while working and such. Been a pleasure working with BPM, and thank you again Tim for taking the time to provide me with the right sizing suggestions to make the vest fit as good as possible. And yes, I'm still wearing it!  

Thank you for a great product!

         – Johnny, First Defense Firearm Instruction

" I studied and researched for months, making sure that I was purchasing the right amount of protection. It is sometimes a challenge ordering on-line on major purchases. Especially for us in the older generation, who usually feel the need to touch, feel and try on to be certain. After much consideration and several calls to you Steve over a period of several months. I was ready to place my order.

For the company I Just had to choose Bulletproofme.com, The products (made in the USA) that I ordered are ProMax Gold Shield level IIIA soft body armor, CoolMax T-Shirts, WileyX Glasses, Level III steel rifle plate, Level IV Ceramic rifle plate and ProMax Plate Carrier as well as helmet. I got the bulk of the order yesterday. I just had to write to you Steve.

The feeling you get when you did it right! and you did it on-line is Awesome! Bulletproofme and you Steve helped me Get That Feeling! The products are perfect and the fit is great. I am your next advertizing campaign. Great Job! "

         – Dominic

"Just wanted to say thanks and job well done, I've had my ProMAX concealable armor for a few months, and I love it.

You guys helped me make buying my first vest simple and your website is great. I fully intend to purchase all my future armor though your company and I gladly refer people to your website when they ask me about armor.

I'm a bit of an odd size, very thin and kind of tall, so I was glad that you guys were able to not only custom make a vest to fit me perfectly, but also trim the spike-one stab plates I ordered for my vest so they would fit properly.

I love the spike one plates - I took my baton and started tapping the center of my back with it gently, and slowly ramped it up, and blows that would have put someone on the ground in serious bone bruising pain I hardly felt, the plates absorb a lot. It's a great vest, and even with just a t-shirt no-one knows I'm armored, even with the stab plates in.

I work as under-cover LP downtown Phoenix, and now I feel far more confident during armed confrontations, be it gun or knife- I offer thanks to everyone involved in making and helping me get my vest"

         – J. Grupp,working Loss Prevention undercover, Phoenix, AZ

My name is Robert and I just received my order from BulletproofME.com last night from Fedex. The guys that run BPM are great and very helpful and provide fast and courteous service. I placed my order Thursday and my vest and accessories shipped Friday so essentially 3-4 days to receive my mint condition vest...

I would recommend these guys to anyone because they are the ones who personally answer the phones you don't have to go through 50 channels of automation to get help its a person answering the phone.. They also have the most competitive prices and will answer ANY question you may have.

So a big thanks to Tim and Nick from BPM for helping me make my job safer at a minimal cost.... CHOOSE BPM for all your ARMOR I will again

         – Sincerely, RJS, a satisfied customer

" Of all the sites I checked out www.BulletProofMe.com proved to be the most helpful...

I have subsequently received a Level II ProMAX concealment vest and find it more than I expected. It is lighter and more flexible than I would have imagined, comfortable, and best of all not bulky... I find that with the ProMAX vest under a polo shirt that it is hardly noticeable...

With the ProMAX vest I will again have the confidence and surety I have longed for when I travel to such cities as Chicago and Kansas City. My thanks..."

         – W. Crawford, Concealed Carry License holder, Iowa, via email

"Just wanted to let you know I received my new ProMAX Level IIIA concealable vest a few days ago and love it!

Thanks for your advice on the sizing -- the vest fits great, and I can't believe how light the GoldFlex® is."

        – D. Wong, Nashua, New Hampshire

"...I really appreciate it - looks good, fits good, very comfortable, very comfortable...."
         – Mike Read, Private Security, Pennsylvania, via Voice Mail

"I wore the GoldFlex® panels from the day I received them... for about 6 hours a day and I hardly knew I had the vest on, very comfortable. Thanks for the outstanding customer service..."

         – Mark. Reid, Private Security, New Jersey, via email

I recieved the jacket (Jacket-Vest) in perfect condition today and checked the fit and panels. Seems perfect to me. To be honest, at first I found it rather heavy but asked myself how secure would I feel if I thought it was too light? It definitely instills confidence and it's not too hard to put on as long as I align the bottom velcro so the zipper slides smoothly.

Tonight, I had a person try to slip into the garage right after the guard left it. At first I thought the sound from the electric sound alarm was the guard taking his time until someone appeared at the front door claiming they wanted to use the computer inside. Actually, he'd hid nearby in a stairwell, waited for the guard to get into his car, looked inside the window, saw me and went to the front before I could see him in the garage.

In short, thanks for the timely delivery!

         – Garage Security worker

Tactical Armor

"I have seldom ordered a piece of equipment or any product that far exceeded my expectations... "Thank You," does not adequately convey my appreciation for your expertise and the quality of vests that you have customized for me."

         – Kenneth E. Brooten, Jr. Chief Counsel, US Congress (Ret.)
             (June 1st, 2001, excerpt from testimonial letter on file)

I ordered your body armor back in July 2013 and we had huge problems getting it shipped to Afghanistan, including the shipment getting returned to the US after it reached the destination country through USPS. However, Tim stuck with my case, answering all my questions, coming up with creative suggestions to get it shipped here and reaching out to export consultants, and also patiently speaking with me over the phone under poor quality of communications. Eventually, your body armor reached me a few days ago, and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with this and seeing it through.

I know it must have been difficult since it was something new for you as well, but your willingness to help and explore options was what made the difference.I dealt with other companies and once I told them I needed the items shipped to Afghanistan, they pretty much told me to look elsewhere. For that, I cannot thank Tim enough for hanging in there for me.

The quality of your products themselves and the professional service you provided to get them to me were second to none, and your company's reputation speaks for itself. Your OTV and Blackhawk Cutaway vests in premium aramid are the most comfortable vests I have used up to this date. The coverage on the OTV made me feel like a turtle, and I am particularly impressed with the versatility of the Blackhawk Cutaway.

Recently we have been seeing an uptick of insurgent activity, and as you may or may not have seen on the news, we lost four colleagues in an attack on a restaurant in Kabul a few weeks ago. With the elections coming up, we need to be prepared to protect our compound and our staff members, and your body armor will undoubtedly give me more confidence to do that work. If I need anything else, I will be sure to get a hold of you and "bother" you further.

         – Jae, Gardez, Afghanistan

"We have had your body armour for a little over a week now and the guys are very impressed. I am hoping to order some more sets in the very near future. Thank you from all CastleForce personnel, here in Iraq."

         – Jos Richards, Director
            CastleForce Consulting Ltd via email, June 29, 2004

"My name is TSgt James (surname deleted). I am currently on temporary duty to Baghdad, Iraq.  I just wanted to say thanks to your company for the top notch Level IV OTV I purchased from your company.  I have been wearing it 24-7 for the last three days due to... well, I'm pretty sure you watch the news.

Anyway, I have to say that the fit and wear of my vest is awesome.  Your fabrication folks did an outstanding job.  I feel a lot better knowing I'm wearing a product from your company while I'm ducking and weaving.  Your sales department did one hell of a job working with me to get my vest to me before I shipped out on short notice and they even cared enough to call to check on its status.  Not many companies out there provide that level of customer service.  That goes a long way when you are buying a product that may save you life.

By the way, your product has gone through hell and back over here and definitely stands up to the rigors of low crawling on sharp gravel and rocks.  Usually all I have time for is a quick dusting off of the outer shell and it appears to be holding up well.

I just wanted to give you feedback and say I appreciate the quality both in manufacturing and customer service that your company provides.

         – James (surname deleted), TSgt, USAF, Baghdad, Iraq via email

"Your product and service exceeded my expectations.

The "salvage Kevlar helmet", suspension and chin strap were in excellent condition. New camo cover & headband were perfect. Instruction manual & carry all were a terrific surprise. All at a "bargain price".

Service was right on time. Order placed 10/24 & received 10/28 as promised. I will highly recommend your business to others. Thank You."

         – Richard Randall, Collector, SC

"...received vest yesterday in good order, quality is excellent, fit is perfect. Thanks!"

      – Randy, Bryan, Texas, via email

"Vest and helmet arrived yesterday. Both are great! Much more comfortable than the vest that I borrowed that was heavier and cut for a man. Thank you so much."

      – R. Ritchie, Photographer working in Israel, via email


Rifle Plates

"My armor arrived!  Absolutely PERFECT! AMAZING fast shipping. I know how important properly packaging shipped armor is and your packaging was over the top.  It looked like my plates would have survived being dropped from space!

The plates are clearly high quality. My fellow Officers were amazed how light the rifle plates were. This is my second purchase from you and again, I am VERY satisfied with your product, packaging and service!!!"

         – Mark (Patrol Officer) via email

"I am a former Navy Corpsman who spent a year in Iraq. I've seen what good body armor can do to save lives - and I'm very impressed with your product and its performance. Thank you for making it affordable, too!"

         – A. Tuohy emailed us about testing our Level IV Stand-Alone Rifle Plate on his blog

"Outstanding customer service! Nick & I spoke on the phone discussing the right options to fit the type of plate carrier I already had. He discussed the pros, cons, and cost for each of the options and helped narrow it down to the best choice.

Absolutely outstanding customer service, kind, professional, and subject matter experts on their product. Product arrived in 3 days with zero packaging issues & instructions for care & liability. Would use again in a heartbeat ! "

         – Mike Hutchings - PA

"Last week I placed an order for ceramic plates and a rifle plates carrier. Please let everyone in your company know that I appreciated the workmanship and quality that went into your product.

Your ability to ship my order to me so quickly is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for all your help!"

         – CPT Gabe Ramirez, Ft Hood, Texas via email

"Thank you very much for all your help. My husband and I have been working with several companies in researching this issue, and we both feel that we have gotten the best service and the most help from you.

We both want to let you know that your company has been the most customer-friendly to work with, and we are impressed by the extent of the service we have received.

It is just as much because of this excellent service as because of your competitive prices that we have decided to purchase the products we need from you. I will be calling you soon to complete an order. Thanks again.

         – Specialist 4 (and spouse, name witheld), US Army, via email

Police Surplus and Other

"I am a LEO in the State of Florida and work for one of the larger municipal police departments. I purchased a surplus, (manufactured in late 2007), level 2 vest from your company several months ago. I just wanted to write and let you know what a pleasant and easy experience the purchase was. Your phone representative was knowledgeable and helpful.

I ordered the vest late on a Thursday afternoon and the vest arrived at my door early Monday morning without my having to pay extra for shipping. As promised the vest was still in it's original wrapper and was in perfect, unused condition. I wear the vest daily and it fits perfectly. The best part of all is that I paid about 60% of the price of what other dealers wanted for similar new vests, which I believe are virtually identical to mine in all respects.

Thank you very much for all that you do. It is appreciated.

         – Bill W., LEO, FL

"Thank you. So THIS is how a vest is supposed to fit. I appreciate how quickly the order was processed and received, and am wholly satisfied with the results.

Your company will be my first and only recommendation to fellow officers, as all the impartial information on your site was invaluable in determining the proper vest to "put the odds in my favor."

         – Security Officer, Portland Patrol Services, Inc., Oregon

Dear folks at BulletProof ME Body Armor,

I recently purchased a vest from BulletProof Me Body Armor, and I am very impressed. Being a small framed female, in the law enforcement field, I found it really hard to find a vest that will fit me, let alone that's comfortable that didn't cost well over thousand dollars.

After many days and hours of researching I kept coming across BulletProof ME Body Armor, so I made the decision to call. I talked Jeff and he was very helpful - I informed him, that I am small framed and find it hard to find something that fits.

Jeff was very confident that he had a female vest that would fit me really well, and would offer really good protection; which was a Savvy level IIIa , was a great price- also purchased it with a soft trauma pack. My package got a little delayed on shipping out but it came within a week after ordering. When I got my vest,

I was amazed that the condition of the vest and the armor- far beyond of what thought I was going to get for the price, and it was like new !

I put the vest on, and it FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!! It was really comfortable and seemed to be made just for me! Jeff was right, this did fit me really well!! I can hardly tell that I am wearing a IIIA vest, and doesn't give much of a print under my uniform. My fellow officers were surprised that the vest fit me that well, was hardly noticeable, and the price I had paid.

Thank you BPM for such a great product service, and cost savings!


"You were right on about the sizing. Both vests fit perfectly, and are much higher quality than what I was expecting! I can barely tell the Level II is even there!

Thanks again too, for the great customer service... you rarely get to experience a company that cares about their customers and their product like you guys do. I sincerely appreciate it.

         – Chris L., SSGT, USAF

“I would recommend BulletProofMe.com to any law enforcement professional or concerned law-abiding citizen.

The staff went out of their way seeing to it that I got the perfect vest for my needs. Special thanks to Nick and Stan for incredibly fast, hassle-free, and above all thorough service!"

         – Lt. D. Glenn / HSI, St. Louis Sector via email

"I just received the vest and it's great. I really do appreciate the fast shipping and the great service. My son wants to get one now. Thanks again..."

         – S. Enriquez via email

"... fits like a glove and I feel very comfortable in it. My first purchase online... Great service with sizing, quality of the vest and prompt delivery. I will now feel more secure on duty. Thanks again for your expertise and patience."

        – Officer Clay Milleson, Lincoln P.D., Nebraska

"Received the Vest on Friday Afternoon. It looks like "Brand New" from what I can tell!! I could not be happier. My partner paid $1000.00+ for his Safariland Zero-G IIIa vest.

I was on duty Saturday from 1300 to 2330 almost 12 hours in 105F+ temp during the day... Had no problems with the vest, very comfortable and perfect size! "

        –C.A. Verhel, Maricopa County Sheriff's Dept., Arizona, via email

"The used Zero-G fits my wife perfectly, we couldn't be happier.  The new Promax I just received today fits great, and feels a LOT better, both in terms of coverage and comfort (hooray for goldflex!) over the used Zero-G I returned.

I'm very happy with my purchases, and extremely happy with the customer service given to me when I called.  Just like your site states, you took the time to make sure I got the right vest and I was satisfied with my order, thanks!

         – Brian P., Concealed Carry License Holder, OH

"...Thanks - a perfect fit..."

         – Curan Wright, Fugitive Enforcement Agent via phone

"Got the vests today. They both fit perfectly, exactly how I wanted them too!!  My girlfriend was pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable they are..."

         – Eric R., Competitive Shooter, Ilinois

"I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my vest in time for deployment on my training operation... the vest is beautiful. It worked very well and I am very pleased with the design and the quality of its construction.

As you know, I was scraping pennies when making my purchasing decisions, hoping to have something that was decent and would get me through the week of training. As it turns out, I had some of the best gear out of the 60 or so guys that I trained with.

You did an awesome job and I greatly appreciate it. I will always recommend you to anyone looking for this type of equipment. Thank you sincerely,

         – Clint Tupper, EMT, Connecticut, via email

"Just wanted to let you know I received my vest and it is great. Thank you for all you did to get me exactly what I was looking for."

         – D. Klein, Northern Virginia via email

"...I received my new vest yesterday afternoon, it fits great. I really appreciate the CoolMax® t-shirt you enclosed and I want to thank you for your time, help and patience in this purchase. (My first purchase from a company I found on-line)

I am glad I found your web site, it saved me quite a bit of money for a vest that is only needed occasionally... I will certainly recommend your company to anyone needing a vest. Again thanks"

      - G. Baber, Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Virginia

" ...The plate arrived today. It's a perfect fit in my existing brief... I honestly had no idea about the benefits of the lighter weight Dyneema, but now that I have it in hand I'm very glad you offered me the upgrade option... Thanks again!

Greg, a very happy bulletproofme.com customer"

         – Greg, CCL holder, Arizona

"Thanks, I really like the vest, 'preciate it."

        – Scott Cooper, Senior Airman, Mountain Home Air Force Base, via Voice Mail

"...very happy with it. Thanks for the excellent service."

         – Barry, overseas embassy staffer, via email

"The vest is great... I appreciate how quickly you sent my vest off to me"

         – Pfc. C. Saevig, U.S. Army, 1st US Cavalry, via email

"Thanks for the quick turnaround on the return. This one fits just right."

        – Mark, Business Owner, Pennsylvania, via email

"Thanks again for all the help! I got the vest today and I love it. It fits great, hard to notice, and will surely help me out a lot. Thanks again!"

         – Gary P., Business owner, Cleveland, Ohio, via email

"I would definitely recommend this business! ...exactly the vest I needed. The Tips & Tricks page is a "must read"."

        – Chris, Clarksville, Tennessee, via email

"Thank you for your excellent service. I was surprised how fast I got it."

        – David W., Venetia, Pennsylvania, via Voice Mail

"...looks like you've got a winner in the new vest... Extremely comfortable to wear... Thank you for all the help... If I can send any more recommendations your way I will. Thanks again"

      – Chuck Guarino, Bailiff, New York

"PS ...I greatly appreciate your continued customer service and concern. (Other vendors did not even respond as they had previously stated they would.)

Your order status follow-ups and updates were prompt, helpful, and professional. It is unfortunate that your qualities are otherwise too uncommon in today's business practice. ...Their loss! Thanks again."

        – Terry, Concealed Carry License holder, Seattle, Washington, via email

"Hi!! I just want to thank you for your promptness... I hope it is just peace of mind... Even teachers have to protect their life in the line of duty... Thank you... and may God Bless you and your family."

        – Ricardo, public school teacher and recipient of death threats, New York, via email

“A drunk took a swing at me while we were escorting him to transport for detox. Hit my steel trauma plate before he went down holding his hand. Didn't hurt me a bit, :-) thanks for the protection! ”

        – Walt, Hospital Security Officer, Colorado Springs, Colorado, via email

"I received the Level II vest I ordered from you today and I must say I am extremely pleased. It fits perfectly, it's comfortable, and in perfect condition... Thank you very much."

        – Clif, Tampa, Florida, via email

"Got the package. Very nice... Thank you for the prompt delivery."

         – Dr.K., about to leave overseas via email

"Thanks for everything... you've done great service and I highly recommend you to anybody, and I really do appreciate what you've sent so far."

        – Dr.C., via Voice Mail


          – Doug, Fremont, California via email

"...the vest arrived and was a near perfect fit. The quality of the vest is excellent. A vest is something you can not afford to be without, and this company is the best source I can recommend."

          – Rudi, Missouri, published recommendation letter

“Thanks for getting my Level II to me promptly. Looks great! After 200+ hours of tactical training, I really appreciate the value of this 'ace-in-the-hole'.”

      – Richard, Concealed Carry License Holder, Pennsylvania, via email

"...the safariland vests are great.  the fit is remarkable... I also want to thank you again for the extra work you put in on my order.  you really went above and beyond.  I feel that your company is doing great things..."

      – Eric, Park Ranger, Columbus, Ohio, via email

"My fiance in Ecuador received the vest, she loves it! She's amazed that body armor can be so flexible, light, and comfortable to wear. I haven't seen it yet, but she will send me a picture soon.

From what she tells me, the stitching and craftsmanship is superb. She's even wowed her fellow classmates (who are med students now spending time in a dangerous psych ward).

...Thanks again for everything. "

      – Jeff from Ecuador, via email

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