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Vest Accessories

Sweat-Wicking Undershirt

Sweat-Wicking Undershirts

$ 10 & up
Details below

Vest Cleaning Spray

Cleaning Spray

Details below

ProMAX Vest Outershell Carriers
Details below


An extra carrier for the laundry, or a different color...

Replacement Elastic Velcro Straps
Details below

Groin Protector

Groin Protectors
for Concealable Vests
Details below

Blunt Trauma Plates / Pads

Not to be confused with Rifle Plates, Blunt Trauma Pads are added to thicken the vest, and help lessen the “blunt trauma”, i.e., bruising (or a cracked bone). that happens when a bullet is stopped by a vest.

Even though your vest stops the bullet, it still hits like a sledgehammer – a Blunt Trauma Pad helps spread out this impact and lessen the severity of injury to the mid-Chest and the Sternum bone that is so vulnerable just under the skin.

Tap the middle of your chest with your knuckles.... and then imagine the impact of a bullet pushing on the vest!  Vests are NIJ certified WITHOUT a Blunt Trauma Pad and thus it is not strictly necessary, but we strongly recommend them.

The 5" by 8" rigid Steel plate (~13 by 20 cm.) and/or the Ballistic Soft Pack slips into a pocket on the front of the vest.

Steel is heavier and stiffer but better protection versus knives and fists. The Ballistic Soft Pack offers more ballistic (bullet) protection, and is lighter, flexible, and more concealable. (Or you can even double up Steel and Aramid.)

The rigid Steel may create a slight flat spot to hurt concealability a little bit, but the flexible Aramid / KevlarŪ Soft Pack doesn't generally hurt conceal-ability, as it conforms to the center of the chest.

Ballistic Blunt Trauma Packs - Soft

  • Light, thin and concealable ballistic and blunt trauma protection

  • The most popular option
5" by 8"
~13 by 20 cm.

Weight, ~0.3 lbs.
0.14 kg.

$ 20

Police Surplus

Looks Like-New

Steel Trauma Plate + Soft Package

  • better knife and blunt force protection with a heavy-duty 3mm thick Steel plate

  • combined with a Soft Ballistic Pack overtop to lessen the spalling or ricochet hazard
5" by 8"
~13 by 20 cm.

Weight, ~1.6 lbs.
0.7 kg.

$ 35

Police Surplus

Good Condition

Higher Protection Level Inserts

Level II

Ballistic Insert

5" by 8" Aramid

5" by 8"
~13 by 20 cm.

Weight, ~0.3 lbs.
0.14 kg.

$ 25

Police Surplus

Level III-A

Ballistic Insert

5" by 8" Aramid

  • Black Ripstop Nylon

  • Thicker (0.3" / 0.8 cm.) but more ballistic and blunt trauma protection.
5" by 8"
~13 by 20 cm.

Weight, ~0.4 lbs.
0.2 kg.

$ 40

ProMAX New Production

Level III-A

Larger Ballistic Inserts


  • Custom sizes can be Made-to-Order @ $1.00 per square inch.
6" by 8"
~18 by 25 cm.

Weight, ~ 0.6 lbs.
0.27 kg.

$ 48

ProMAX New Production

7" by 10"
~18 by 25 cm.

Weight, ~ 0.7 lbs.
0.3 kg.

$ 70

ProMAX New Production

8" by 10"
~20 by 25 cm.

Weight, ~0.8 lbs
0.4 kg.

$ 80

ProMAX New Production

Ballistic and Stab Protection Inserts

Level III-A AND Stab 2

Ballistic Insert

  • Black Ripstop Nylon

  • Custom sizes can be Made-to-Order @ $1.20 per square inch.

5" by 8"
~13 by 20 cm.

Weight, ~0.6 lbs.
0.27 kg.

$ 48

ProMAX New Production

7" by 10"
~18 by 25 cm.
$ 84
8" by 10"
~20 by 25 cm.
$ 96

Rifle Plates as Trauma Plates

Some vests have oversize Trauma Plate Pockets to allow smaller Rifle Plates to be used as Trauma Plates. Our side Rifle Plates selection:

  • 6" by 8"
  • 7" by 8"
  • 8" by 10"

- measure the INSIDE of your Trauma Plate Pocket to double-check the size needed. Be sure to allow for the thickness of the Rifle Plate. Typically you will need a 7" by 9" FLAT pocket to hold a 6" by 8", for example.

Detailed information on Rifle Plates...

Sweat-Wicking Undershirts

  • Looks just like a cotton T-Shirt, but made out of a special synthetic CoolMAX® fiber which wicks sweat away 3 times faster than cotton.

  • Lab-tested to keep you a little bit cooler, and a LOT drier – sweat evaporates three times faster than cotton (even faster than polypropylene!) Only when sweat is wicked away from the inside of your vest does it have a chance to evaporate and cool you off.

  • Keeps your vest's nylon-covered ballistic panels from feeling so hot and sticky on your skin

  • Saves you from having to wash your vest carrier as often.

  • Get extras, so you can switch out for laundry.

  • No ballistic protection in the shirt of course - but your vest offers a lot more ballistic protection when you wear it - rather than not wearing it in the heat!

Colors Stocked:

  Black  -  Small to 3-XL

White    White  -  Small to 3-XL

Other colors, V-Necks, Long Sleeve, etc., etc. available Special Order.

  Navy Blue
  Olive Drab
Sage Green

GRAY OxHeather
Safety Yellow

$ 10 & up
with armor purchase

$ 12 & up
bought separately

XXL or XXXL add $ 2

Long Sleeve add $ 8

NOTE: Being underwear, shirts are NOT returnable, if worn.

Vest-Guard Cleaning Spray

Vest Cleaning Spray

Finally a quick and easy way to clean and deodorize Body Armor.... Just spray it on to eliminate odor - and inhibit the bacteria that cause it.

Tested to be safe to use on Body Armor, uniforms, hats, shoes, etc., etc. (as well as your skin and eyes)

A lot easier than scrubbing and drying hard-to-clean items. Just spray it on and let it dry.

16 oz. bottle is good for over a hundred cleanings.
$ 14

Vest Carriers

Get an extra, washable vest outershell carrier, so you can have one on the vest, and one in the laundry. (Not bulletproof of course!).

Often it is helpful to have a white carrier for concealable wear (just in case the vest peeks out of an open collar). And if you could be throwing on a vest, un-concealed, a dark color is advised for use at night.

ProMAX Polyester/Cotton Outershell Carrier

Tough Polyester/Cotton on the outside, Sweat-Wicking Mesh on the inside.

Six-Point Adjustable Carrier with shirtails, and Trauma Plate Pocket to fit 5" by 8" Blunt Trauma Plates

Black Black   White White Stocked    Navy Blue Dark Navy Blue  &  TAN

Spare Carrier

$ 80

ProMAX Nylon Outershell Carriers

Six-Point Adjustable Carrier with Trauma Plate Pocket to fit 5" by 8" Blunt Trauma Plates

Tough waterproof Nylon for more durability if vest worn outside of clothes.

A Custom, Made-to-Order item with a 3 to 6 week production time.

Tough Cordura® nylon carrier, with many color choices

+ $ 10 upgrade
REPLACING the Polyester/Cotton carrier (must be ordered with vest)

Spare Carrier

$ 90
When ordered with vest

Replacement Velcro Elastic Straps

The elastic is the first part of a vest to wear out - rather than spending $80 or more on a new carrier you can just replace the elastic.

You must check your current vest for 3 things:

      1. Total Length of Elastic and Velcro Combined
      2. Is the strap attached with Velcro on BOTH ends, or sewn to the vest on one end?
      3. Color

Includes 6 straps of 2" wide Velcro/Elastic to replace belly and shoulder straps


White    White


$ 25 per 6 Strap Set
(+ $ 5 shipping)

$ 20 for 4 Belly Elastics

MUST specify:

1. Length of Strap Needed for Sides

2. Length of Strap Needed for Shoulder


100% Velcro Attached - Velcro on BOTH Ends
Total Length
Elastic and Velcro BOTH Ends
Length of Free Elastic
(between Velcro)
2.5" or 3.5" or 5"

Groin Protectors for Concealable Vests

Groin Protector
Shown outside of pants for clarity

Normally Groin Protectors are only used on Tactical vests, but for high threat applications (warrants, executive protection, etc., etc.) you can add aramid Level III-A protection in a Cordura® Nylon or Polyester/Cotton shell.

Easily attaches to the bottom belly Velcro on most concealable vests.

Loose-fitting pants are definitely required to "tuck in" the Groin Protector and keep it concealed.

Level III-A

  • 12.5" wide by 10" tall with clipped corners (32 by 25 cm.)

  • Polyester/Cotton Colors:
    Black Black   Navy Blue Dark Navy Blue 
    White White  TAN

Cordura® Nylon Color Choices

$ 120

Note we can also provide this Groin Protector with MOLLE attachments for Interceptor and other Tactical vests...

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