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Drop Leg Platform Ballistic Protection

Tactical Drop Leg Platform
Black  Black
Olive Drab Green Olive Drab
(Coyote discontinued)

You need to carry a drop leg holster and lots of gear, and have it all accessible - why not add ballistic protection to your load carrying gear? Level III-A soft armor insert adds only 0.8 lbs (0.4 kg.) to the drop leg platform to stop up to 9mm sub-machine-gun, and Fragmentation threats.

Protects the upper leg and/or hip area, depending on your adjustment. Very helpful to cover your hip and femoral artery area from threats coming in from the side. (We recommend wearing higher on the leg than shown in the photo above.) The Uncle Mikes / Blackwater Gear I-O Modular Drop Leg Platform is an extremely well-made product

  •  Fully adjustable to fit any size leg.
  •  Adjustable leg ride up and down
  •   Lots of MOLLE real estate in a very high quality rig
  •  Padded band is comfortable to wear, has loose webbing ends that can be concealed, creating a clean, low-drag surface

Drop Leg Platform - Uncle Mikes / BlackWater Gear


Level III-A Ballistic Insert
~9" by 9" (~23 by 23 cm. clipped top corners)

  • 1.5 lb. (0.7 kg.)

Level III-A

Premium Aramid

$ 150
each / $ 290 per pair
Drop Leg Platform - Uncle Mikes / BlackWater Gear
$ 70 each

Level III-A Ballistic Insert ONLY

~9" by 9" (~23 by 23 cm.) with clipped top corners to insert in YOUR drop leg platform

Level III-A

Premium Aramid

$ 80
each / $ 150 per pair
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