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SWAT / Special Forces Kevlar® Helmets

PASGT                                                          "Trim Style"
PASGT SWAT / Special Forces Helmet      PASGT "Trimmed" SWAT / Special Forces Helmet      
Full Coverage PASGT shape helmet - maximum ear and neck coverage, plus brim
"Trim Style" shorter on the back and no brim for better ergonomics in the prone position.

NOTE: Chincup has been upgraded to split loop webbing.

For complete descriptions and prices, see
Kevlar Helmets

Ballistic Faceshield Add-On
Standard non-ballistic Faceshields are much thinner, but otherwise similar

Ballistic Faceshield  Front  Viewn      Ballistic Faceshield  - Side View 


Ballistic Faceshield Can Easily be Raised45 or 90 Degrees
(and then offers additional protection for the forehead)

Ballistic Faceshield Raised

For complete descriptions and prices, see
Accessories - Eye and Face Protection

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