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Shooter's Cut Rifle Plate

Ultra-light Arm / Shoulder Rifle Plates

Made in the USA

Note:  Level III Rifle Plates can often be exported without an export permit.
(Export of Level IV Rifle Plates from the U.S. usually requires an export permit
Rifle Protection to Plug the Arm and Shoulder Gap!
Arm and Shoulder Level III  Rifle Protection

Ultra-light to stop Level III+ Threats

Side Rifle Plates cover the ribcage, but your upper arm and shoulder is typically more exposed when firing from behind cover.

Shoulder plates plug the gap.

An Ultra-light ~1.8 lbs. - while still stopping the 5.56 mm Green Tip semi-AP threats that Level III Polyethylene plates are not rated to stop.

  • Only 3.6 lb. (1.6 kg.) for a pair of multi-curved 6 to 7" by 8" plates. Compliant with NIJ 0101.05

  • Thickness just under 1" / 25 mm

  • These are actual plate specifications from plates in stock, not estimatets.
$ 299 per pair, including carriers!

Independent Lab Tested to Stop


Approx. Feet per Second
Typical Weapon
1 round of .308 FMJ
7.62 x 51-mm
~2,770 fps 149-grain M80 Battle Rifle
2 rounds of .223
5.56 x 45 mm
~3,015 fps M855 aka .223 Green Tip aka SS-109 M-16 / AR-15
2 rounds of .223
5.56 x 45 mm

~3,200 fps
(the velocity you might see out of full-length AR-15 / M-16 barrel)

M193 Ball aka FMJ M-16 / AR-15
2 rounds of 7.62 x 39-mm ~2,430 fps Mild Steel Core

      • This plate is made by Armour-Wear LLC. Ballistics verified with independent ballistic lab testing under strictly controlled conditions, compliant with NIJ 0101.05 (not an un-controlled "YouTube shoot")




$ 299 per pair, including carriers!

Important Safety Note

(A safety warning most Polyethylene vendors neglect to mention...)

You should know that the ballistic performance of all Polyethylene may be adversely affected, or permanently reduced, by prolonged exposure to ambient temperatures below ~ MINUS 15°F ( - 26 °Celsius) and over 150 °F (65 ° Celsius).

Polyethylene plates must never be exposed to open flame, excessive direct sunlight, UV exposure or any hot surface. Heat damage to the external surface (e.g., melting) is a visual clue that the plate may have been exposed to elevated temperatures. If damage is found, replace the plate.

So, don't take any chances by leaving your Rifle Plates in extremely cold or hot environments, OR letting them "cook" in the sun, for example:

  • a closed vehicle super-heating in the sun
  • an engine compartment
  • unprotected on asphalt in intense sun
  • unprotected on top of metal baking in the sun, etc., etc.

If it's too hot for your body, DON'T LEAVE YOUR RIFLE PLATES THERE!

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