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T-Shirt Vests

The ultimate in comfort and conceal-ability

Made in the USA
T-Shirt Vest - Level 2
Shown with a rectangle front,
but a Shooters Cut front is standard unless requested

A Body Armor vest you can wear in place of an undershirt.

Concealable under even light clothing in Level II protection.

Covering just the front and back of the torso allows superb concealability - and ventilation to be wearable even in very hot environments.

•  Independent ballistic lab tested Level II protection from common handgun threats - only 6.5 mm thick - only a quarter-inch!

•  also available in Level 3-A - but we don't recommend the 8 mm thickness = 0.3" if concealing under very light clothing is a high priority

•  100% woven Aramid Ballistic Insert.

•  body-hugging, stretchy Sweat-Wicking fabric for sweat dissipation - 90% CoolMAX®, 10% Lycra®

•  be sure to see the T-Shirt Care Instructions below


Shirt Size

(Fits very snugly)

Chest Size
Ballistic Panel Size

One Front, One Back Included
Level II

6.5 mm
Level 3-A

8 mm
Small / Medium
37 - 39
    8" by 10"
40 42
    10" by 12"
43 45
    10.25" by 13.25"
46 48
     11" by 14"
Extra Body Armor Carrier Shirts
Spares for the wash, or a different color

     Black Black       White
$ 97


Premium Aramid
 Level II - 6.5 mm

 Level 3-A - 8 mm

Flexibility Rating

Weight of Vest Ready to Wear
in a Size Medium – NOT Small !
~3 lbs.
1.4 kg.


Panels for Test Shooting

If you would like to see how well armor works, nothing beats inspiring confidence like shooting one yourself.

A ballistic panel (half vest) that did not meet our strict standards for Police Surplus vests. Not to be relied on for protection of life, but great for test shooting.

You would want to have a suitable backstop for the vest. A concrete wall is too hard for a valid test, and can make a good vest fail. Swinging free in the air can let a bad vest pass. So a punching bag or other semi-soft backstop is ideal.



With Armor Order


T-Shirt Use & Care Instructions
      • Insert the ballistic panels BEFORE putting the shirt on.
      • Ballistic Panels and Pockets go on the BODY side.
      • Don't wear a shirt under the T-Shirt vest
      • Remove ballistic panels before washing the shirt.
      • Be very gentle washing the T-Shirt
        • hand wash
        • NO bleach, or bleach additives in detergent
        • NO ironing
        • NO dryer sheets
        • NO hot dryer
        • drip dry is best (will dry very quickly in the air)


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