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ProMAX Concealable - 100 % Aramid

Our new production vest for Pro-tection to the MAX

Made in the USA

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Fitting the Vest to YOUR Body

The real-world performance difference.

The biggest difference in terms of how happy you are going to be with your vest, is how well it fits YOUR body. Our ProMAX Concealable is a great vest that we help you get fitted properly, so it covers your vitals comfortably.

Not just big 4" increments between sizes, but available in precise 2" Chest / Belly size increments, and 1" length increments, (from X-Short to XXX-Long). Precise sizing means you can get a great fit for your body.  For example...

Do you want a gap on the sides for ventilation, or a full wrap (almost no gap), or an overlap for seamless protection?

We will show you exactly how your ProMAX Concealable will cover you before you buy.
How long is the vest?

There are too many "big-name" vests out there that skimp on the length coverage. If you can't get a straight answer on the front centerline measurement (bottom of neck scoop to bottom of the vest), don't buy the vest!

We will show you exactly how much vertical coverage you will see - to ensure proper coverage AND that you don't get a vest that is too long (that will put pressure on your throat, when you bend over).

What's so Special About our ProMAX Concealable Vests?


Pistol Bullet    Superb 100% US-made workmanship, without a lot of unnecessary (and expensive) cosmetic glitz.

NIJ Certified NIJ Standard 0101.05

5-Year Manufacturer Warranty plus our Satisfaction Guarantee

Protection you can trust

Made in the USA

Pistol Bullet       Generous coverage

On the chest, and cut to maximize side protection under the armpit (one of your most exposed areas if you use a Weaver, side-angled stance), or if you are getting flanked by multiple assailants

FULL-wrap side coverage standard (unless you request a gap for ventilation).  

More coverage area, more protection.

A lot of people are worried about whether their vest will stop the exotic, uncommon pistol threats – but what's usually more important is to cover MORE of your body against the COMMON pistol threats.

By all means get a Level III-A for the uncommon threats, but the more important factor is how well the vest covers YOUR body (and that it is comfortable and concealable enough that you actually wear it).

Pistol Bullet       Perimeter Stitching of Aramid Ballistic Panels

Besides extra coverage, our Aramid vests are stitched around the perimeter. This gives you superior durability of the vest to prevent fraying with use, and to better stop shots close to the edge of the vest.

Maximize Durability and Protection

One of our perimeter stitched Level III-A ballistic panels stopped a 9mm sub-machine-gun round in combat in the Balkans, just 1" (3 cm). from the edge of the vest (one of three bullets stopped by that panel!).
Pistol Bullet     In stock, ready to ship, in many sizes / models, or made-to-order in 3 to 6 weeks. (Rush / Expedite production for an additional fee.) Protection available when you need it.

Prices and Specifications

Too Many Choices? - Just get your measurements and CALL US!
We are happy to explain the pros and cons of the options.

Popular sizes in stock for immediate shipment.

Ballistic Packages
Level II
Premium Aramid
Level III-A
Standard Aramid
Level III-A
Premium Aramid
Standard Price up to 48" Chest Sizes
in Short, Regular and Tall lengths
Black Black       White    Navy Blue Navy-Blue    TAN       Olive Drab
$ 460
$ 430
$ 580
In stock?
3 to 5 weeks
Common sizes in stock
or Made-to-Order in 3 to 5 weeks
3 to 5 weeks
NIJ 0101.05
NIJ 0101.05
5.8 mm
8.6 mm

7.5 mm

For maximum conceal-ability in Level III-A see the 6.4mm ProMAX Concealable Ultrathin

Flexibility Rating


(Takes longer to break in)

Above Average
Fragmentation Rating
Not Tested

V-50 of 1975 fps
(feet per second)

17 grain, 22 cal. Fragmentation FSP

V-50 of 2142 fps

17 grain, 22 cal. Fragmentation FSP

Note:  2142 fps is understated as this test was on an earlier generation vest that was 12% thinner.

EXTRA-Tall Lengths

Size Chart Page

Add $ 40 per inch extra length

EXTRA-Tall $ 500

One inch extra length

EXTRA-Tall $ 470

Add $ 50 per inch extra length

EXTRA-Tall $ 630

Wide, +4"
Extra Wrap on the Belly
Add $ 40
Add $ 40
Add $ 50
EXTRA-Wide, +8"
Extra Wrap on the Belly
Add $ 80
Add $ 80
Add $ 100
50" - 52 " Chest

$ 500

$ 470
$ 630
54" - 56 " Chest

$ 540

$ 510
$ 680
58" - 60" Chest
$ 580
$ 550
$ 730
62" Chest
$ 620
$ 590
$ 780
Cordura® Nylon Outershell +$10

Slick Rifle Plate Pockets +$30

Tactical MOLLE Plate Pockets +$80

Cordura® Nylon Outershell +$10

Slick Rifle Plate Pockets +$30

Tactical MOLLE Plate Pockets +$80


Female Sizes
Made-to-Order in 3 to 6 weeks.

$ 460

Add $ 40 for XL
$ 80 for XXL

N / A

Our apologies, Standard Aramid is a little too thick to be compatible with sewing a breast cup.

$ 580

Add $ 50 for XL
$ 100 for XXL

Level II

Premium Aramid
Level III-A

Standard Aramid
Level III-A

Premium Aramid
Thickness of Ballistic Panel
5.8 mm
8.6 mm
7.5 mm

Weight of Ballistic Panels
in a Size Medium Reg.,
38" - 42" (112 cm.) Chest Size – NOT Small !

~3.3 lbs.
1.5 kg.
~4.3 lbs.
2.1 kg.
~3.9 lbs.
1.8 kg.
Weight of Vest Ready to Wear
in a Size Medium Reg.,
38" - 42" (112 cm.) Chest Size – NOT Small !
~4.0 lbs.
1.8 kg.
~5 lbs.
2.3 kg.
~4.6 lbs.
2.1 kg.
Areal Density of Ballistic Fiber
(the weight of one square foot of ballistic fabric)
~1.0 lbs./sq. ft.
~1.54 lbs./sq. ft.
~1.40 lbs./sq. ft.


Level III-A Aramid - Standard vs. Premium Ballistic Option

The Standard and Premium Aramid options both have the exact same generous cut and construction, but the Standard is a slightly thicker ballistic fiber. Both are NIJ-Certified Level III-A with our exclusive perimeter stitching.
  • Standard is 8.6 mm thick and NOT recommended where maximum concealability is important. But, if you don't need the 7.5 mm thinness of our Premium aramid vest, you can save ~ $150.

When comparing weights...

Please be aware that we quote ACTUAL weights for a normal size Medium vest, ready to wear.

We do NOT play the artificial "weight loss" games you may encounter elsewhere, such as quoting the weight of an Small, Short, WITHOUT an outershell carrier.

We recommend buying a vest based on weight AND coverage area, not just weight.

All that extra coverage does weigh slightly more. If you buy a vest based just on weight you are likely losing coverage, or buying a vest that just barely passes NIJ standards, instead of passing with a significant over-performance.

Upgrade Options
Sweat-Wicking Undershirts

The special moisture wicking fabric wicks sweat away three times faster than cotton. So sweat evaporates faster, and you stay a little cooler -and a lot drier - under your vest. Plus, you don't have to wash your vest as often...

 White  White    
Black  Black
Other colors, V-neck, Long Sleeve, etc., etc. available Special Order.

$ 12 & up
with armor purchase

$ 14 & up
bought separately
Blunt Trauma Plates / Pads

A bullet stopped by the vest still hits like a sledgehammer causing injury
– 5" by 8" of extra ballistic protection for the middle of your chest...
$ 20
Ballistic Soft Pack
Extra Outershell Carriers  Spares for the laundry, different colors, or tough Nylon outershells for exterior wear.
See Page

Rifle Plate Pockets to carry Level III or Level IV Rifle Plates. Semi-concealable, i.e., under a light jacket.

Rifle Plates sold separately
See Page

Panels for Test Shooting

If you would like to see how well armor works, nothing beats inspiring confidence like shooting one yourself.

A ballistic panel (half vest) that did not meet our strict standards for Police Surplus vests. Not to be relied on for protection of life, but great for test shooting.

You would want to have a suitable backstop for the vest. A concrete wall is too hard for a valid test, and can make a good vest fail. Swinging free in the air can let a bad vest pass. So a punching bag or other semi-soft backstop is ideal.



With Armor Order


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Put the odds in YOUR favor...

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