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Assistant Manager
Responsible for Body Armor
Sales, Shipping & Customer Service
We offer:
  •  a sales position where you can be proud of what you are selling, sell with integrity, AND be well compensated.

  •  lots of variety on the job, both physically and mentally, mixing mostly sales and customer service on the phone, with shipping and other responsibilities.

  •  lots of potential to grow and advance. Our upcoming website update will bring more growth, and we need a strong Assistant Manager on board to help handle the growth.

We treat our customers far above average (many call or email back just to express their appreciation) and we are looking for an above-average person to grow with us. Someone with an above-average work ethic, integrity, and intelligence, who would welcome more responsibility.


ArmorUP L.P. is an internet-based, retail and wholesale distributor of Body Armor. We are a small business, but provide ballistic protection to a very diverse base of customers, from the police and U.S. Military, to security personnel, defense contractors, war correspondents, export customers and private citizens.  Established in 2001, we are stable and profitable, with zero long term debt.

Our sales are mail order, and, (until we implement our shopping cart), almost all over the phone and email.  We pride ourselves on a highly professional and personal standard of customer sales and service. This has earned us a superior reputation in the marketplace, and a loyal customer base that has kept our business strong through word of mouth advertising.

For more information on the business, see our homepage


Training, shipping, inventory handling and "grunt work" would be a majority of your time at first, gradually becoming a minority of your time as you learn the ropes, gain product knowledge, and become more efficient.

After training, and demonstrating mastery of the needed product knowledge, the majority of your time would be to respond to incoming phone calls and emails for sales and customer service for retail, and later, quantity customers. Problem solving, consultative sales conversations, sometimes technical, with customers calling from our website, or established customer base.   Definitely NOT high pressure sales.

The other major part of the job is handling inventory and order processing quickly and efficiently:
    • processing inventory in
    • invoicing and credit card billing
    • picking, packaging and shipping orders out
    • office admin., maintenance, etc., etc.


$ 40,000 to $ 50,000 per year. Compensation is not fixed but commensurate with experience, responsibilities, and performance. Your contribution will determine what you make.

In the past Assistant Managers have made $ 42,000 to $ 53,000 per year with a 2 week paid vacation - AFTER getting through the Body Armor learning curve. (Typical training time would be the first 2 to 3 months on the job.)

Training Wage, $ 15 per hour plus bonuses of $300 to $500 per month for achieving training milestones. After getting up to speed, performance-based bonuses are a significant part of the compensation, in addition to base wages, and closely tied to the level of responsibility successfully handled, and gross revenue attributable to your efforts.


Ideally we want someone who demonstrates the drive, competence and integrity to earn more responsibility and compensation, sooner rather than later. Our number one strategic priority is updating the website, and we need a solid Ass't Manager in place to handle the increase in sales.

There is a golden opportunity for the right long-term employee who performs at a high level, to buy in as a part owner with a very attractive return on investment. This would be a superb opportunity to become an owner, as well as an employee, to build equity, and create long term wealth.

Our interest is to incentivize an employee who demonstrates high value to take on more responsibility, and be there for the long term. Our goal is to develop a Manager with financial "skin in the game", who can take on some of the General Manager responsibilities, and work on the business with the mindset and work ethic of an owner.


Health Insurance reimbursement offered after 3 month initial period.

LOCATION:  Southwest Austin, Texas
(Oak Hill)

Core office hours 8 to 5, or 9 to 6, Monday through Friday. Overtime required depending on workload.



  • highly motivated to serve the customer with integrity, and pleasant on the phone - even under time pressure.

  • can maintain a high level of attention to detail.  Mistakes can be very costly, so you must have the habit of double checking your work to minimize mistakes.  We deal in equipment for the protection of life, so "dumb" mistakes are not acceptable.

  • A strong work ethic. Must be a self-starter who can handle being left alone to get the job done, i.e., a sense of urgency to get the job done without being prodded. In a fast-paced small business, we don't have time for hand-holding, or micro-managing.

  • some college, or equivalent professional work experience. Must be a fast learner to get on top of all the product knowledge, and become competent with many varied tasks and roles.


  • MUST be comfortable and safe lifting boxes - which are often 40 lbs. or more - from the ground up to the back of a tall pickup truck.

  • able to keyboard accurately and efficiently - we handle a lot of email!  Proficient with email, Microsoft Word, and Excel

  • must be free of any drug or alcohol abuse, and consent to pre-employment and ongoing drug testing

  • must agree to a detailed background check of criminal, credit, and driving history. If there is a blemish on your criminal, credit or driving record, please be sure to let us know upfront when we cover this in our phone interview.

Not required, but helpful:

  • knowledge of firearms, Concealed Handgun License, or police / military experience.
  • computer skills such as Quicken, Photoshop, video editing, etc., etc.
  • photography or video skills



Please do not call or visit - we are very busy on the phone!

Email me your resume (with a complete job history or summary back to graduation) and a cover letter that tells me:

1) what attracts you to this career opportunity,

2) some examples where you have demonstrated above average achievement in your work, education, or life,

3) ideally, if you have letters of reference from previous employers or customers, please attach

We will email you a confirmation of receipt of your email. In our hiring process, typically we follow-up with selected candidates by phone, then a personal interview, and online aptitude testing.

Thanks for your time,

    Nick Taylor

General Manager

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