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Assistant Manager
Responsible for Body Armor
Sales, Shipping & Customer Service


Meaningful work.

Most folks really appreciate professional help with equipment that will give them peace of mind - and might just save their life. It's particularly gratifying when a customer tells us how we helped save his/her life (see our Testimonials).

If you enjoy communicating with all kinds of people, in all kinds of situations, and helping them solve problems, you will really enjoy your time on the phone which is the primary part of the job.

You will get your hands dirty from time to time.

"Grunt work" is a minority of the time on the job after the first few months, but this is definitely not a pure "white collar" job.

(The upside is we have a very relaxed dress code!)

Lots of variety

In who you talk to, and what you do.

Generally very interesting work as you talk to many different kinds of people to help solve their problem, in many different situations, here in the U.S., and all over the world.

There are a myriad number of different jobs to be done in a small business, so you won't be tied to a desk all the time, and will see lots of variety in the work.

You definitely need to be able to shift your focus from one task to another, as you wear a lot of different hats in a small business.

Some Heavy Lifting

Part of the variety is lifting heavy boxes!

We sell a lot of heavy items, which ship out daily (and when 3,000 lbs. of inventory arrives, it is all hands on deck!).

You must be comfortable with some physical effort every day.

(The upside is that it is much healthier not to sit all day.)

Merit Based Compensation

You will be paid commensurate with your skill, effort and responsibility.

In a small business your contribution will not go unnoticed.

Time Pressure

...when it gets busy, to keep up with incoming customer calls, follow-up with customers, and meet deadlines.

The more capably you handle the pressure, the more you will make.

Long Term Job Security

ArmorUP L.P. is an established, debt-free business in a stable industry.

In a small business, someone who makes a significant contribution is not let go due to a slow quarter, or a call from corporate HQ to "cut headcount"

We are looking for a long term, stable employee to grow with.

Performance Expectations

You will be expected to quickly demonstrate an above average work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to learn.

We need to see a high level of performance at the simpler tasks before we train for the higher level work.

In a small business everybody needs to be pulling the wagon!

Sharpen your professional, consultative sales skills.

Lots of one on one coaching to get to where you can offer expert advice on Body Armor solutions, choices and tradeoffs for customers.

Our philosophy is soft selling in a hard world.

Learning Curve

It definitely takes an interest in Body Armor, and a motivated effort to get on top of all the product knowledge before you can talk professionally to customers, and earn bonuses.

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