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Jacket Vests / Ballistic Clothing

Special Order - Minimum 10 units

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Jacket Vest Concealed     Jacket Vest - Ballistic Vest unconcealed

UNconcealed bullet proof vests tell the bad guys to start taking head, hip and groin shots! Thus the biggest advantage to a Jacket Vest is that it is easy to throw on at a moment’s notice, and the concealment is always there.

Even with the jacket open to take on or off, it still isn’t all that obvious that it is body armor underneath. If you don’t wear a vest all the time – but want to have one on hand for quick deployment – Jacket Vests are an ideal solution.

You do need to be sure to close the front Velcro overlap to ensure there is the proper 2" overlap.

Front-opening Velcro for convenience and a super quick on and off.

2" ballistic panel overlap in front secured with Velcro

Easy to throw on in a hurry, with the concealment built right in with the jacket.

Double Aramid thickness coverage with the overlap on the front opening (2" wide).

~5 to 7 lbs. (~2.3 - 3.2 kg.)

Made-to-order, and shipped in 5 to 7 weeks.

ProMAX Jacket-Vest
Premium Aramid

7.5 mm thick
Certified NIJ 0101.05

$ 750

in Regular sizes

$ 880

in Regular sizes

Ultra-thin Hybrid

6.4 mm thick
Certified NIJ 0101.06

Certified for the brutal NIJ 0101.06 test protocol - similar to tumbling 24/7 in a dryer for over a week straight!


$ 990

in Regular sizes

We use a stylish brand-name Windbreaker style jacket:

  • Water- and wind-resistant nylon shell outside
  • Polyester fleece liner
Colors Available Seasonally
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • other colors such as: Moss Khaki, Warden Green, Royal Blue, Burgundy, etc. may be available - call

Ballistic Vest Sizes

The Jacket will be oversized to fit over the vest

The Belly measurement is most critical to get a full wrap (very little gap) on the sides. You can usually go up or down a Chest size without a problem.

Be sure to measure OVER clothing worn under the jacket.

General Chest Size of Ballistic Vest

(Jacket will be oversized to cover)
Belly Measurement (for a Full-Wrap on the Sides)

of Ballistic Panel
Front Centerline
in a Long

(X-Long is +1", +10% )

S - 36" - 38" Chest
Up to 33" (84 cm.)
M - 40" - 42" Chest
Up to 37" (94 cm.)
L - 44" - 46" Chest
Up to 40" or 41" (104 cm.)
XL - 48" - 50" Chest +10%
Up to 44" or 45" (114 cm.)
Oversize - call for quote    

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