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Level 3-A Interceptor Outer Tactical Vest

SPECIAL on Contract Overrun
2015 Production - Unused in Brand-New condition

Made in the USA
    • Front-opening convenience makes it super-fast to get on - the ideal quick reaction vest.

    • Does not have to go over your head - just slips on like a jacket, and close the Velcro flap on the front.

    • Extended coverage vs. most Tactical vests - lower on the belly, and no gap at the top of the shoulder.

    • Add optional Rifle Plates to achieve Level III , mil-spec SAPI, E-SAPI, or Level IV rifle protection on the Chest and Back. Rifle Plates sold separately.

    • MOLLE web strips cover the front and back

    • Torso only, or complete system includes:
      • Vest with torso coverage and Rifle Plate Pockets
      • Detachable Level 3-A Collars attached with a padded (non-ballistic) shoulder yoke
      • Detachable Level 3-A Front Throat Protector
      • Detachable Level 3-A Groin Protector

    • Easily Customizable – add or remove the the Front Throat Protector, the Collar/Over-the-Shoulder Protection, or the Groin Protector components as desired.

Level III-A

Survival Armor brand, 2015 Production

Coyote in S, M, L & XL

(3-Color Desert Camo Available in Small and XL)

7.5 mm Thick

Made in the USA
$ 499

Torso Only

$ 790


Small, Medium, Large and XL In Stock

Interceptor OTV

Chest Measurements
Belly Measurement

(for a Full-Side-Wrap)
Front Centerline Height

Weight - Torso Only


Small (S)
Up to 37"
(94 cm.)
Up to 38"
(97 cm.)
~ 16" (41 cm.)
~ 6.5 lbs
Medium (M)
Up to 41"
(104 cm.)
Up to 43"
(102 cm.)
~ 17" (43 cm.)
~ 7.5 lbs.
Large (L)
Up to 45"
(114 cm.)
Up to 45"
(117 cm.)
~ 18" (46 cm.)
~ 8.5 lbs.
Extra-Large (XL)
Up to 49"
(124 cm.)
Up to 50"
(127 cm.)
~ 19" (48 cm.)
~ 9.5 lbs.

Be sure to measure OVER clothing that will be worn under the vest!

Accessory Components

Made in the USA

Groin Protector Level 3-A

Small / Medium
Large / XL

$ 120

Throat Protector Level 3-A

One size for all.

$ 50
Collar / Shoulder Yoke Level 3-A

Does not include Throat Protector

NOTE: Collars are 3-A ballistic protection, the shoulder portion is non-ballistic foam padding.
$ 130

Camo Outershell Carrier

An extra carrier is a great investment if you rip your vest hopping barbed wire, etc., etc. ... or just want to have another color option.

We have an overstock of 3-Color Desert Camo outershells from a military contract overrun, so we are providing these Brand-New carriers at a give-away price.

Just the torso carrier - no neck accessory components or ballistic material. Thus your vest would keep the same color on the Throat and collars that you have now.

These carriers are also great for paintball vests, or a load bearing vest (the back Rifle Plate Pocket is a super-sized hydration pouch).

$ 35

Overstock Special

Torso & Groin Only

(Limited to Stock on Hand)

3-Color DESERT Camo

Small and XL only

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