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Bianchi / PROTECH Vests

Police Contract Overrun Vests at a Discount

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Bianchi PROTECH Vest

Pistol Bullet   2009 / 2010 Police Contract Overrun Vests at a Discount

Pistol Bullet    FULL-wrap side coverage standard. These vests are very generous on the side coverage so you can usually get an overlap, if desired.

Pistol Bullet   NIJ-Certified NIJ Standard 0101.05

Pistol Bullet   5-Year Manufacturer Warranty plus our Satisfaction Guarantee

Pistol Bullet  Soft Sweat-Wicking Liner to maximize comfort.

Made in the USA

(Outershell Made in Mexico)

Prices and Specifications

In stock for immediate shipment.

Level III-A
8 mm

XXL Tall

Black Black
$ 420
Spare Outershell Carrier
$ 30
Thickness of Ballistic Panel
~0.30 "
8 mm
Weight of Vest Ready to Wear
in a Size Large,
42" - 44" (112 cm.) Chest Size – NOT Small !
~5.5 lbs.
2.5 kg.

When comparing weights - please be aware that we quote ACTUAL weights for a normal size Large vest, ready to wear.

We do NOT play the artificial "weight loss" games you may encounter elsewhere, such as quoting the weight of an Small, Short, WITHOUT an outershell carrier.

We recommed buying a vest based on weight AND coverage area, not just weight.

Upgrade Options

Sweat-Wicking Undershirts

The special moisture wicking fabric wicks sweat away three times faster than cotton. So sweat evaporates faster, and you stay a little cooler -and a lot drier - under your vest. Plus, you don't have to wash your vest as often...

 White  White    
Black  Black
Other colors, NO-sleeve or Long Sleeve available Special Order.

$ 10 & up

Blunt Trauma Plates / Pads

A bullet stopped by the vest still hits like a sledgehammer causing injury
– 5" by 8" of extra ballistic protection for the middle of your chest...

$ 20
Ballistic Soft Pack

$ 15
Steel Plate

Extra Outershell Carriers

Spares for the laundry, or different colors for night vs. day use.

Black Black   White White  &  TAN

$ 30

Panels for Test Shooting

If you would like to see how well armor works, nothing beats inspiring confidence like shooting one yourself.

A ballistic panel (half vest) that did not meet our strict standards for Police Surplus vests. Not to be relied on for protection of life, but great for test shooting.

You would want to have a suitable backstop for the vest. A concrete wall is too hard for a valid test, and can make a good vest fail. Swinging free in the air can let a bad vest pass. So a punching bag or other semi-soft backstop is ideal.



With Vest Order

Sizes Available

The Belly measurement is most critical to get a full wrap (very little gap) on the sides. You can usually go up or down a Chest size without a problem.


For a Full-Wrap on the Sides

Belly Measurement Up To:

Chest Measurements


  Note: If you belly is 2" less than this measurement, you get a 1" overlap on each side.  
XL Tall
45" (114 cm.)
44" to 48"
XXL Regular or Tall
48" (122 cm.)
46" to 50"

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