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Survival Blog Interceptor and Helmet Special

Good for Voice Mail Received until Midnight, December 23rd, 2009

Please be sure to identify yourself as a "Blogger"
and ask for the discount at time of order.

Interceptor / OTV - Front                              Police / Special Forces Kevlar Helmet
Interceptor PHOTOs     Helmet Special 20% - 30% off select models

Dear Survival Blog Reader:

We are running our ever-popular sale on Interceptor Outer Tactical Vests - $590 for a complete mil-spec vest!

We are nearing the end of our inventory of this specially priced, military contract overrun, so it's only  XL, Small & XS left (Woodland or Desert Camo).

But if you are a Medium or Large size we do have our Level III-A Standard Aramid Interceptor on special at 16% off, or $ 830, in all colors (paid check).

Pistol Bullet   $590 for Mil-Spec Interceptor Vests
Woodland Camo or 3-Color Desert Camo

  •  $590 check or bank wire / $615 credit card
  •  24% off the regular price of $ 795

Rifle Bullet   Rifle Plates sold separately with a 10% discount off regular prices
(5% discount paid credit card)

  • The Tactical Vest used by the US Army and US Marine Corps.  Exceeds the ballistic specifications for the soft Body Armor Interceptor IBAS / OTV (Outer Tactical Vest)

  • Front-opening convenience

  • Aramid vest tested to stop 9mm FMJ from a sub-machine-gun at 1,400 fps (426 mps) with minimal backface deformation / blunt trauma impact.  (Technically can't be called a Level III-A vest as the mil-spec does not call for testing with .44 Magnum, but the 9mm test is identical to Level III-A)

  • also thoroughly tested for Fragmentation

  • Add optional Rifle Plates to achieve Level III , mil-spec SAPI, or Level IV rifle protection on the Chest and Back. Rifle Plates sold separately.

  • MOLLE web strips cover the front, plus the kidney areas on the back
    (MOLLE web strips compatible with all pockets from the MOLLE and RACK Systems, plus the SPEARS / BALCS Systems.)

  • System includes:
    • Vest with torso coverage and Rifle Plate Pockets
    • Detachable Collars and Over-the-Shoulder Protection (Shoulder Yoke)
    • Detachable Front Throat Protector
    • Detachable Groin Protector

  • Easily Customizable – add or remove the the Front Throat Protector, the Collar/Over-the-Shoulder Protection, or the Groin Protector components as desired.

 Camoflague - Woodland Woodland or
3-Color DESERT

~ 8 lbs. (3.6 kg.) Small
~ 12 lbs. (5.5 kg.) XL

Sizing below

Regular Price $ 795


$ 590
paid check or bank wire

paid credit card


 XL, Small & XS

Medium & Large available in Level III-A Standard Aramid at 16% off, or $830 in all colors (paid check)

OTV & E-OTV Sizing
Chest Measurements Taken OVER CLOTHING
BELLY Coverage

X-Small (XS)

Up to 33"
(84 cm.)

8470-01-497-8589 Woodland

8470-01-491-8058 Desert

Small (S)

Up to 37"
(94 cm.)
8470-01-497-8594 Woodland

8470-01-491-8071 Desert
8 lbs
( 3.6 kg.)

Medium (M
- out of stock

Up to 41"
(104 cm.)
Up to 40"
(102 cm.)
8470-01-497-8595 Woodland

8470-01-491-8078 Desert
9.5 lbs.
(4.3 kg.)

Large (L)

Up to 45"
(114 cm.)
Up to 46"
(117 cm.)
8470-01-497-8597 Woodland

8470-01-491-8080 Desert
10.25 lbs.
(4.7 kg.)

Extra-Large (XL)

Up to 49"
(124 cm.)
Up to 50"
(127 cm.)
8470-01-497-8598 Woodland

8470-01-491-8081 Desert
12 lbs.
(5.5 kg.)

Upgrade Options

See Rifle Plates page

10% discount off posted prices on Rifle Plates
(5% credit card)

SIDE Protection Rifle Plates

Upper Arm Protection

Add detachable protection to plug the shoulder / armpit gap by covering the Bicep, Tricep and Deltoid in Level III-A.

$ 240
per PAIR
- to cover both Right and Left sides

$ 600
per PAIR
- with Ultra-light Polyethylene Rifle Plates included

Forearm Protectors

Add Level III-A protection to cover your forearm, usually the most exposed area holding a weapon in front of you. On top of the ballistic protection, a huge advantage in hand to hand, club to hand, or slashing knife attacks.



$ 250
per PAIR
- to cover both Right and Left sides

$ 640
per PAIR
- with Ultra-light Polyethylene Rifle Plates included

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