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ProMAX Concealable Body Armor Vest 

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•  Blunt Trauma Pads
       - extra blunt trauma protection mid-chest
•  Sweat-Wicking Undershirts
       - moisture-wicking to keep you dry
•  Vest Carriers, including custom Replacement Carriers for YOUR vest
•  Vest Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray.

Level III & IV Rifle Plates:

•  Ceramic
•  Ultra-light Polyethelene
•  Steel
•  plus SIDE Protection


•  Military and Police Helmets
•  Helmet Accessories

•  Tactical Goggles
•  Faceshields

Ballistic Blankets Bomb and Ballistic Blankets
Tactical Ballistic Shields


Briefcase or Backpack Ballistic Shield Inserts Level III-A protection conveniently hidden in a briefcase or backpack

Complete Ballistic Backpacks

State-of-the-art Combat Packs with Ballistic Shields
Concealed Carry Briefcase
or Laptop Case
Level III-A Ballistic Shield and Holster
BLACKHAWK Tactical Gear

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Tactical Nylon Gear

& the entire product lineup

BLACKHAWK Tactical Gear
Tactical Gloves

HELLSTORM Tactical Assault Gloves
Hydration Systems

HYDRASTORM Hydration Systems
Holsters for
Close Quarter Concealment

CQC Holsters
Tactical Knives

Tactical Knives
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2)   Personal advice to get you the best solution from our huge selection, and the best sizing for YOU.

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